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Here are some of the poems featured in the film “A Place of Truth.”
All are written by Abigail (Abi) Mott and are used here with permission of the poet.



The diamond glitters
Stars in the object’s eyes
She sways as she sighs
A glass to her lips imprinted with lipstick
You see her across the room
As a savior and a dream
She walks on water when you sleep
A bounty of roses, yours to keep
If only the correct words like jazz tunes
Might sharpen your tongue
Cool waters to quelch
The burn and the yearning

Never Meeting

I lay on the shore as storm clouds gripped my head
With all the words I never said to someone I never met
His lover sighed imagined dream
His fingers cobwebs
Silver echoes projected just so
Increasing gently as the tide’s incoming flow
That swept the feelings dealt in beds
Of other gents who came and went


Rising beneath a frame
A calm motion swept up
Like so many cobwebs
Their threads shine clear
The notes eyes carry
When horror films roll there
Caught in screams
Rotating dreams give way
To a fabulous display of coats
Hung dry on racks
A memory bleeds the colors
Collected in a pool
Try to swim there
The water caresses
Rest, be cleansed
In the pools of reverence

I dreamt I lay in a field of sunflowers

I drink it up
A tossed butt could light a fire
In this tumbleweed desert
Like the tortures of feeling your skin
Paper-coarse, sanding mine in the winter
I dreamt I lay in a field of sunflowers
No roads, the bees sucking pollen for dinner
And in the morning the yellow sea cascading in me