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Baltimore Post-Examiner remarks on “A Place of Truth” journey

” [Director Barrett Rudich] What I’ve been most impressed with in showing the film to very different sets of audiences is that the appeal (while clearly strong with other Millennials) actually reaches across many age categories – often for different but sometimes the same reasons.”   Full article here


Abi Mott’s busking skills are highlighted in the Sun Journal

“Abi Mott sat calmly and typed, as if a guy wasn’t sitting atop a throne 6 feet away and heckling passers-by on the Colisee floor.  ‘Look at her,’ filmmaker Barrett Rudich said. In an aisle of the Androscoggin Business to Business Trade Show, Mott composed poetry. The 23-year-old woman from Lancaster, Pa. sat in a […]


The Portland Phoenix interviews director Barrett Rudich about “A Place of Truth”

“Among the 40 films to be shown at this weekend’s Emerge Film Festival in Lewiston is A Place of Truth, a 65-minute documentary about 21-year-old “street poet” Abi Mott, who travels around the country as an unconventional busker, writing poems on the spot for strangers. We caught up with director Barrett Rudich via email to find out […]


Lancaster Newspaper Explores “A Place of Truth”

Lancaster New Era’s Entertainment section features full page story about the making of “A Place of Truth.”    ”Barrett Rudich was walking down the street by Powell’s Books in Portland, Ore., on Sept. 10, 2011 when he saw a young woman sitting in a chair on the sidewalk, perched in front of a small typewriter. […]


Film Critic Picks “A Place of Truth” as Favorite at NW Filmmakers’ Festival

Film critic Jamie S. Rich writing on OregonLive about his top picks at the upcoming Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival: “My favorite of the films I’ve seen, however, is Barrett Rudich’s “A Place of Truth.” The director follows street poet Abigail Mott around the country. The charming author earns her way honing her craft, buying time while […]